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Intermax Unveils Digital Phone Service

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August 2010, (Coeur d’Alene, Idaho) - Intermax Networks, the largest independent high-speed internet provider in North Idaho, announces the release of Intermax Voice, a new Digital Phone Service.

With Intermax Voice, anyone with a high speed internet connection can add phone service with a local phone number and free long distance. Local residents interested in cutting costs on home and business phone service will be excited to see the addition of a new competitor in the North Idaho marketplace.

Digital phone service is incredibly easy to set up, as customers simply connect the Intermax-provided phone adapter between their internet connection and their existing phone handset. Customers can be up and running in literally minutes, saving in some cases more than 50% on their phone bills with free long distance and all the services they’ve come to expect with traditional more expensive copper-line phone service.

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